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Lower Back Pain Management

At some point in their lives around 4 out of 5 adults in the United Kingdom will experience lower back pain, for some it will be an isolated incident but for many others it may well become a curse that re-occurs and afflicts almost everything that they do

  • 85% of sufferers experience non specific back pain, where the underlying cause is unknown
  • Most sufferers (78%) have a relapse of symptoms
  • Back pain is one of the main reasons for absence from work
  • The majority of sufferers recover from a bout of pain within a few days or weeks
  • There are many factors which can contribute to lower back pain and as many strategies to overcome it

As a Specialist Lower back pain management trainer (Premier Global L4 Diploma) I conduct an assessment of your case, looking at potential causes and the pathology of the pain, conduct a physical assessment including postural analysis and potential musculoskeletal imbalances. From my findings I would then devise a programme of exercise appropriate for you.

For more details on how I can help you and put an end to your back pain through the 'Lower back pain management program', contact me on

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