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fit4u Personal Training and Lower Back Pain Management

07956084047         [email protected]

Get to know your trainer 

How long have you been working in the fitness industry?

I first qualified as a gym instructor in 2002, worked in a local gym and became the gym supervisor. In 2004 I started my Personal trainer qualification through YMCA. I then embarked on a few different ventures, while still working in the gym, I started taking on private Personal training clients in my spare time. I also did some occasional work with the training company I qualified through, helping at some well-person clinics, giving fitness, health and lifestyle advice, blood pressure checks, that sort of thing. In 2007 I was asked by the same training company if I would be interested in assisting with tutoring Gym Instructor courses. At this point I decided to become self employed and push my Personal training business alongside the tutoring. I have worked as a PT in gyms as well as being freelance but for the past 8 years, I have been solely concentrating on being a mobile trainer, visiting clients at home or at their local park.

What inspired you to become a Personal Trainer?

I had always been interested in sport and exercise, captaining various sports teams whilst at school, as well as a local Sunday league football team. I became interested in the gym and lifting weights over 25 years ago and started researching effective ways to exercise. In 2002 I found myself at a crossroads in my career and felt it was time for a change. Exercise had always been important to me and so felt like a natural career to explore and I've enjoyed every moment since.

What's th​e best part of your job?

Meeting so many diverse people, with differing fitness abilities and requirements. One thing is always common though, everyone wants to make a better version of themselves. I find this so inspirational.

What set's you apart from other trainers?

3 things......

1.I have a very understanding nature, I can work with clients of all abilities. If you are a novice exerciser, frightened by stepping into a gym, I can help ease your worries and pace your exercise to suit you (sounds obvious but you will be surprised how many trainers only have one gear...eyeballs out)

2. I have a wealth of knowledge which I apply to your situation. One size definitely does not fit all. The way one person does an exercise may not suit another, these adaptations come as second nature to me, and instantly improve your workout.

3. I like to have a laugh, I will tell you stupid stories, I will make jokes about what we are doing in the training session. Getting results is a serious matter, getting to those results doesn't always have to be.

What are your 3 favourite exercises?

Not an easy question this, there are so many but....I do love a Bulgarian Split squat, it can be performed with little or no equipment and so can be utilised in any environment and it challenges the major lower body muscle groups just lovely. I also enjoy Bench pressing, my favourite press would be with dumbells, as they allow for different hand positions, on an inclined bench, don't lower the weights too far because you want to keep the tension in the chest and not encourage shoulder involvement, keep it nice and slow. Finally a lovely exercise for your core...a bicycle, lie down, hands beside your head, twist your torso and bring the opposite knee up to meet the elbow, whilst kicking the other leg out straight, then switch, keeping your feet off of the ground throughout the exercise, again keep it slow, it will make your abs burn!!!

How does the remote training work?

Remote training is conducted via a communications platform, preferably Zoom, I am flexible though, so it may depend on what you have. I guide you through the workout from afar, giving you instructions and advice so that you get the most from your workout. You would need a space approximately 2m x 2m which has a good Wi-fi signal.

Having your own equipment is desirable but not essential, we can work with whatever you have. Initially we would discuss your training requirements then I'd ask you to complete a health questionnaire which I would email to you, then once that is done we are ready to go.